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Rome and other day trips

It is easy to visit Rome from Palazzola

We can book a taxi to take you to the nearest station (€15.00) which has a regular train service to Roma Termini (€2.20). You can of course combine your stay at Palazzola with a few days in Rome at the start or the end of your holiday.  Contact us to arrange this.

The area between Palazzola and Rome is steeped with history. Admire the ancient aqueduct that supplied Rome with fresh water from the Alban Hills or you can walk in the footsteps of Roman legionaries on the Via Appia, one of the chief roads which ran straight as a die all the way to Brindisi in the heel of Italy.  Lined with ancient tombs its large surface stones are 4 metres wide, just enough for five soldiers marching abreast. Nearby are the catacombs of San Callisto and San Sebastiano where the early Christians worshipped underground in secret and buried their dead.

By car

You may want to go further afield and visit some of the coastal resorts on the Mediterranean such as Nettuno, Anzio or Ostia Lido. Ostia Antica, Rome’s very own Pompeii, is a fascinating place and can be reached by metro from the city.  A little further away are other hidden jewels. The beautiful medieval towns of Anagni and Sermoneta cling to a cliff top while the delightful monastery of Subiaco is the birthplace of St Benedict. Wealthy Romans built their summer villa at Tivoli where the emperor Hadrian had a palace and the poet Horace his farm.  The Villa d’Este is famed today for its fountains and display of water wizardry. Also worth a visit is the hilltop town of Palestrina which produced the famed choral composer of that name.
More recent are the Second World War battlefields of Monte Cassino, whose Benedictine abbey was destroyed and then totally rebuilt after the war and Anzio, the scene of the allied landings in 1944.  These are all within easy reach of Palazzola.

Local markets

There is a market most days of the week in one or other of the nearby towns.  Ask the reception at Palazzola for information on how to go to each one. 

Wine tastings

Italy has some of the finest wines in the world, much of it produced within easy reach of Palazzola. 

Join one of our half day guided excursions to taste superb local wines in nearby Castelli towns such as Marino, Grottaferrata, Monte Porzio, Montecompatri and Frascati.  Meet the producers, find out what makes their wine so special, taste their produce and bring some back for dinner.  Further information on excursions from reception at Palazzola.

Contact to find out more about this option.

Pilgrimages and special tours

Anthony R. Coles Travel and Conferences

Has organised tailor made pilgrimages and tours to Palazzola for parishes, schools and Catholic organisations for over 30 years.  This company can arrange for your group to split their time between Palazzola and Rome, as well as other centres such as Assisi and Padua.

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Siobhan Frecker at Parker Travel

Can organise a combined stay in Palazzola with a stay in another part of Italy or a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

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